Records for Mac

The personal database for the rest of us

With Records you will be able to efficiently organize any kind of information, from your movie collection to the list of your customers and invoices, in a tab organized database, extremely easy to use.

We are currently working on the first Beta release of the app and every important announcement and update will be published on our blog and twitter.


Collect and Organize

In Records you can collect and organize any information you consider important, both for your job and hobbies. Contacts, Links, Numbers, Email addresses, Notes, Images, Prices and Dates are available fields to you. All in one place, for your convenience.

Visual Layout

Scared of other database apps, difficult to learn and to keep updated? Don't mind, Records will be different: we are developing a powerful Visual Layout that will let you build your database with an easy drag&drop. All you need is dragging a component (Text Area, Image Placeholder...) in the main window and visually compose your database. We love it, and we think you will love it too.

Themes and Templates

For any database you will be able to choose from different colors and templates. Start building your database from a specific template, like "Invoices" or "My Books", or simply start from the scratch with an empty one and no brake on your imagination.

Built for OS X

Records will be fully integrated with OS X, capable of interfacing with other system apps, like Calendar, Contacts, Preview and Spotlight. Records is built on a Mac, for Mac users like you and us.